Fund your SaaS growth.

Jenfi offers fast, flexible, and easy growth solutions with no dilution.

Our Growth Capital is Flexible

Raising capital should not be a full-time job. Go back to
running your business.

Customer Support

Set up support systems such as chatbots, knowledge bases, or help desk software to handle customer inquiries efficiently


Data-driven marketing strategies are vital to optimize customer acquisition and increase conversion rates.

Data and Analytics

Start capturing meaningful insights, monitoring key performance indicators, and tracking customer behavior.

Logistics and fulfillment

Set up efficient shipping and delivery systems that fit your business needs.

Website and infrastructure

Create a a robust website capable of handling increased traffic and transactions.

How Jenfi Capital Compares

Jenfi’s Revenue
Based Financing
New Venture
    No undrawn fees
  No commitment fees
  Quick access to funds
  No collateral required
  Revenue-Based, non-
     dilutive funding

We're reinventing fundraising for
SaaS entrepreneurs like you.

Jenfi is bringing fundraising into the modern age with the easiest and
fastest way to get funded.

How It Works

Four easy steps to unlock your growth potential.

Apply Online

Our fully online application process is fast and secure. We'll provide you with a decision in as little as 24 hours.

Use Funds

Qualify for up to $200,000 and grow sales faster with dedicated funds to spend on marketing.

Flexible Repayment

We'll simply take a small % of your revenue to repay the funding. With no fixed repayment date.

Grow Even More

Qualify for additional flexible finance that allows you to grow even faster.

What To Expect

Join thousands of eCommerce businesses

Worry Free

Founder-friendly terms that allow you to retain full control of your company. No board seats or change in ownership required.


Fully online application to get instant access to funds for your growth and marketing expenses.

No Surprises

Know the full cost up-front with a fully flexible repayment date

Ready to Grow?

Apply now - it only takes 5 minutes!
Or, book a call with us to learn more.

How fast can your business grow with growth funding?

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