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they need with a partner they can trust.

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Jenfi is Southeast Asia’s leading provider of growth and marketing funding for digitally enabled
businesses. We put together our Partner Program as a way of helping regional businesses access
additional support, revenue, and technology they need to achieve growth

Why partner with us?

Competitive Rates

Businesses referred from our partner
community get access to exclusive deals and
preferred pricing.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Elevate your brand and get additional
visibility through co-marketing, social media
initiatives, speaking opportunities and events.

Lead Generation

Accelerate your business growth and unlock
sales opportunities with exclusive access to
clients on the lookout for your service.


Speed up your customer acquisition and
conversion by offering convenient financing

Revenue Share

Earn commission for every business that gets
funded by Jenfi.


Get full access to our partnership team who
will provide you with the support you need
to drive results.

Choose a partnership that suits your business


Jenfi’s affiliate partnership is a great way to
increase awareness and engagement for
your brand. Parter up with us to provide
value for our customers as possible through
co-marketing initiatives and opportunities.


Know someone who might benefit from
Jenfi’s growth capital? Refer a customer to us
and earn commission when they apply and
get funded from us. It’s that simple!

Embedded Financing

Built with us, and grow with us. Accelerate your
business growth by integrating our financing
solutions so your clients can access working
capital right when they need it. Speak with us to
find out more.

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