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Become a Jenfi partner and deliver results for your customers while growing your own business.

Our Partners

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A boutique corporate and business consultancy firm that looks beyond numbers and focuses on sustainable growth.

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OSOME is an end-to-end financial management app. It combines software that automates financial admin with expert accountants and real-time advice, so entrepreneurs can focus on the ideas that will drive their business forward.

Why Jenfi?

Jenfi is Southeast Asia’s leading provider of growth and marketing funding for digitally enabled businesses. We put together our Partner Program as a way of helping regional businesses access additional support, revenue, and technology they need to achieve growth.

If you are in the business of supporting eCommerce or software businesses, let’s talk!

Partner Perks

  • Offer your clients VIP access to Jenfi financing
  • Get discovered by new businesses via our marketplace
  • Earn revenue share for every eCommerce or Startup business that gets funded with Jenfi
  • Additional brand visibility and reach from co-marketing and social media opportunities
  • Prioritized leads when our clients need your services
  • Lead-Generation and customer matching
  • Inclusion in our partner directory listing
  • Certified partner status and badges
  • Inclusion in our Jenfi customer dashboard
  • Press release opportunities
  • Dedicated partnership managers will help drive results and grow your business
  • Personalized partner portal for tracking your referrals’ growth

    Digital & Social Media Marketing Agencies

    We help digital marketing and social media marketing agencies scale their customer's budgets so they can better help them deliver growth at scale.

    By joining the Jenfi Partner Program you’ll be able to access new client leads while earning additional revenue through our revenue share agreement.

    Platforms & Apps

    We help platforms and apps get more exposure for their product amongst highly-funded successful digitally enabled businesses in southeast asia.

    By joining the program you’ll also earn additional revenue from our revenue share agreement.

    How fast can your business grow with growth funding?

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