We Are Jenfi

Jenfi powers digital businesses by funding their
growth, marketing and inventory expenses
without the hassle.


To revolutionize the
financing landscape for
digital businesses across
Southeast Asia.

  • Empowering Growth

    Jenfi powers digital businesses to grow faster by providing innovative revenue-based financing.

  • Flexible Financing

    We offer Asia's most flexible growth capital, allowing businesses to invest in growth activities on their terms.

  • Hassle-Free Funding

    Jenfi removes the hassle of traditional financing methods, enabling businesses to invest when they want to, not when they need to.

Meet The Founders

Jeffery Liu
Co-Founder & CEO

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Jenfi, Jeffery is committed to empowering digitally-enabled businesses in Asia with innovative revenue-based financing solutions. With extensive experience in operations and finance, Jeffery envisions Jenfi as a catalyst for accelerating sales, funding marketing initiatives, and driving growth campaigns for startups and ecommerce ventures. His leadership stems from co-founding GuavaPass and his strategic roles in corporations like BeachMint and Lehman Brothers.

Justin Louie
Co-Founder & CTO

As Co-Founder and CTO of Jenfi, Justin leverages his strong product and engineering background to drive technological advancements that underpin the growth of digital businesses. Justin's journey spans building home automation products, like Artscience.io, to co-founding Jenfi, focusing on creating efficient financing lifecycles and software solutions that ensure the success of business partners in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Jenfi’s Story


Jenfi was born out of the co-founders' experiences, who, like many business owners, faced challenges while developing their first company. Setting the course to redefine financing solutions for digital businesses in Asia.


Raised $6.3M in Series A funding, championed by Monk’s Hill Ventures, endorsing Jenfi's pioneering approach.


Secured $6.6M pre-Series B funding led by Headline Asia, affirming Jenfi's innovation and impact on Southeast Asia's financial landscape.

2023 and beyond

Expand our footprint in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as well as enter new Southeast Asian markets.  Jenfi continues its trailblazing journey to empower digital businesses across the region.

Core Values

  • Empowerment

    We create an environment for founders and business owners to maximize success.

  • Ownership

    Our no-equity approach ensures you retain ownership of your business.

  • Flexibility

    Repayments aligned with your performance provide peace of mind to operate your business.

What People Are Saying

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