Why Organic Growth May Be They Key To Scaling Your Business

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Why Organic Growth May Be They Key To Scaling Your Business

The online retail space is not so different from a physical storefront when it comes to advertising. In fact, when you ask someone about digital marketing, they’re likely going bring up search engine ranking or the location in which they occupy that online space.

In turn, people might think about inorganic growth strategies such as pay-per-click ads or social media. However, organic growth serves to solidify the status of a business in its market by laying down a foundation of solid brand values.

Organic growth strategies should be your priority to show your customer base you’re here to stay. Here’s why:

What is Organic Growth?

Through organic growth, your business can utilize its own in-house processes as a means for increasing sales. This way, it only uses the resources already present within the business without spending or borrowing extra capital to scale the company.

A successful organic growth strategy is capable of increasing cash flow for the business and streamlining production for faster, more efficient output. It’s essential for laying down the foundation of your company.



While a paid ad can guarantee you a more immediate result by convincing a customer to purchase your product or sign up for your service, organic strategies help a potential customer spend more time on your website and social media channels. While they may not immediately click the “buy now” button, they’ll grow more curious about your brand and develop a more educated point of view about what your company means and can do for them long-term. This means you are likelier to have a future repeat customer on your hands instead of a quick deal. This will ultimately provide you with a greater return on investment than spending countless money on long-running advertisements. 

Remain Competitive

Given our brief discussion on search engines, attempting to rank organically may seem counterintuitive, especially if there’s the option to pay for an ad with quicker results. Ranking high on sites like Google is essential to edging out your competitors because they’re much more likely to want to click on results that are higher on the page than clicking through various pages to find you. Implementing organic growth strategies, such as SEO, for example, will ensure that you become a potential customer’s top choice instead of fading into the sea of search engine results. 

Nicky Minh

CTO and co-founder

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