Personalized Marketing – The Secret Recipe For Companies To Grow

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Personalized Marketing - The Secret Recipe For Companies To Grow

Personalized Marketing

These days, we are constantly bombarded by all means of advertising. It can be billboard ads on the streets, TV, cold emails, social media platforms, and many more. Thousands of brands are craving a place in the customer's mind. This causes a lot of confusion, even annoyance to the consumers if these contents are not relevant to their personal demands. 

So, how can a company capture the customer's attention in saturated markets? The new marketing trend personalizing for every consumer will help you to touch their hearts. Want to know how? This article will discover several brilliant ways to personalize brand messages in 2022.

What is personalized marketing?

Personalized Marketing 2022

Personalized marketing is also known as one-to-one marketing. Simply put, this is a marketing strategy aimed at each customer. Marketers will rely on the demographic, background, and behavioral analysis data... to filter out messages specific to that customer. This model is different from traditional marketing. Traditional marketing emphasizes quantity rather than relevance to each audience to reach a broad audience base.

With the development of digital technology and fierce competition among companies in the market, marketers began to analyze customers in detail and emphasize the aspect of personalization. To date, these two marketing methods go hand in hand to provide potential customers with the most relevant message at the ideal time.

Benefits of personalized marketing

Personalized Marketing

1. Improve customer experience

This approach stands out because it delivers personalized customer experiences. Based on information collected from potential customers such as personal information, product surveys, brand preference, etc., this will be the basis for businesses to define goals and strategies to approach the target segments. Eventually, companies can offer appropriate solutions to improve the quality of services and products

2. Growth revenue

All marketing methods have a common aim: increasing sales. Studies show that customers who get recommendations that match their preferences and needs are more likely to "open their wallet." They can even stick around for a long time with the brand and introduce you to others if your product or service makes them satisfied.

3. Build brand loyalty

This is a crucial factor in maintaining sustainable business development. Loyal customers act as advocates of the business. They will make regular purchases, contribute brand recommendations, and be willing to try out new product launches. Besides, they are also "VIP members" in deploying other media campaigns.

4. Create consistency across channels

With the rise of e-commerce, your customers can be everywhere. At that time, businesses need to create a seamless shopping experience on different channels: Facebook, email, hotline...The consistency will show a business's professionalism. At the same time, the brand's image will score the highest points in customers' eyes.

Challenges of personalized marketing

Personalized Marketing

1. Choose appropriate technologies

Outdated technologies are no longer suitable for personalized marketing. Personalized marketing focuses mainly on data collection and automation. So marketers need to use more innovative ways to collect, analyze and automate everything. However, many still struggle in this stage because of using old technologies.

2. Have adequate time and resource

To take advantage of the intelligent technologies, you need a dedicated team for this activity. Importantly, your team will need a certain amount of time to get used to and master the tool stacks. While this is an essential requirement, not every company will take the time and resources to set up a successful personalized marketing campaign.

3. Aggregate and process customer data

When marketers know the fundamentals across all channels, they can paint an overall picture of their customers. However, linking customer data is still a big challenge for most marketers today.

The ultimate personalized marketing strategies 2022

Personalized Marketing

1. Personalized Email Marketing

Email personalization marketing is increasingly popular all over the world. Marketers can create and send personalized emails to a specific audience with this activity. At this point, an insightful understanding of your users will be the key to ensuring the relevance of email content.

2. Focus on the customer's Fear of missing out (FOMO)

This is another crucial factor that drives customers to take action. No one wants to miss out on something special. Therefore, showing them how many other people view this product or have already purchased it will help them make decisions more quickly. This method is widely applied on e-commerce sites by using short-and-to-the-point messages.

3. Understand customer behavior and product recommendations

This is a relatively common and effective strategy. This strategy requires collecting customer data to identify the products or services they are most interested in. 

From there, adjustments are carried out in the most appropriate direction. An example is seeking the support of email service providers. The goal is to integrate a customer's recent browsing and transaction history for a personalized marketing campaign. 

4. Cart reminder

Surveys show that businesses lose up to $4 trillion in revenue each year due to abandoned shopping carts. However, the good news is that up to 65% of the cart can be done if the business sends a simple reminder to the customers. The conversion rate can be increased by simply sending personalizing reminders based on customer data collected.

Final thoughts

Customers always want to be cared for and treated differently from others. Therefore, personalized marketing will be an "effective weapon" to touch customers' hearts. When becoming a sympathetic friend to your customers, you have taken a considerable step forward in sustainability and set yourself apart from all others. Jenfi hopes the article is helpful to you.

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