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Bolton Remote

How is Jenfi helping you obtain your goals?

Founded by Patrick Linton in 2013, Bolton Remote is one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Bolton Remote is a global workforce scaling service, focused on building support teams for growing tech companies in a way that is better than "traditional" outsourcing.

Founded in 2013

The Challenge

Bolton Remote have over a decade of experience helping technology companies scale their customer experience teams. They quickly reached a point where they needed to scale more quickly. Growth funding is always a challenge, especially in the current climate. Scaling businesses can be challenging, but Jenfi helped accelerate Bolton Remotes efforts to fund revenue-generating initiatives successfully.

The Solution

Jenfi provided funding with a great customer experience to aid with revenue-generating initiatives. The speed and simplicity that Jenfi operated were beneficial and helped Bolton Remote save time while achieving their goals. The Jenfi user interface is intuitive and easy to pick up quickly, which aided the efforts further.




Use Of Funds


Revenue Growth



2 Year

Cycle Time


Reduction Costs




Overall Success

The Strategy

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How fast can your business grow with growth funding?

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